I let her edge me with her hand for while befo…

I let her edge me with her hand for while before allowing her to find her knees. even then, my cock found the soft skin of her face and the slick texture of her tongue long before the inside of her mouth.

By the time I was ready to ejaculate in her mouth, she was as excited in anticipation as my testicles. 

“Are you ready for sperm?” I asked her in a calm rhetoric.

Her eyes looked up anxiously with a nod, and I began to pump semen into her mouth. At first she gave little sounds of approval, but these gave way to widened, nervous eyes and struggled grunts as the volume quickly became overwhelming. My edged, teased reproductive system had responded, and she gulped for survival, choking down thick pulses of fluids – but even so, when she came up for air, she proudly showed off a tongue trying to stay afloat in a mouthful of bubbly semen.

“Wow,” I saith with genuine appreciation, “that’s a lot of cum.”

I paused, savoring the moment while she gazed up waiting, with big watering eyes”

“Go ahead,” I allowed, “put my sperm in your tummy.”